TUTORIAL Bead Woven Medallion Earrings

TUTORIAL Bead Woven Medallion Earrings


In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pair of bead woven medallion earrings using the brick stitch technique. These earrings can be made in a variety of shapes. I have chosen to show you a standard circle medallion in this lesson. Once you have learned the technique, you can use other shaped rings for your base. This lesson includes two different ways to attach your ear wires to your medallion, as well as a quick lesson on making your own ear wires.

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*This tutorial is for personal use only. Do not lend it to others, share in forums, or use it to teach a class. Do not copy text, pictures, or any other resources from this tutorial. Do not mass produce this design to sell. The purchase of this tutorial grants you the right to sell jewelry you make from the technique learned, however, do not reproduce any original design photographed, listed, or sold by HeidiLee Design.

Tools and Materials

Size D Nymo Thread

Beading Needle

Size 11 Seed Beads in 2 Colors

4 mm Round Beads (40-50)

2 Metal Rings for Base

2 4 - 6 mm Closed Jump Rings for Standard Ear Wire Attachment

2 Ear Wires (see below for tools and materials list to make your own)


Super Glue

Tools and Materials for Ear Wires

Round Nose Pliers

Chain Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

Looping Pliers or 8 mm Jump Ring Mandrel

Jeweler’s File

Chasing Hammer

Steel Bench Block

2 - 2 1/2” Lengths of 20 Gauge Wire

Tools and Materials for Alternate Ear Wire Attachment (longer, dangly)

ALL Tools Listed for Ear Wires

2 Coordinating 4 mm Beads

2 - 5” Lengths of 22 or 24 Gauge Wire

If you're looking for a great place to find a variety of metal rings for this project, I highly recommend GemmeTresor! You can find their shop here: